Hallo Doctor!
Week-days, 4.50 p.m.
"Hallo Doctor!" is a TV show based on professional advice of doctors, respectful specialists in various fields of the today's medicine. The project suggests the viewers to pay attention to their health in the way it is done in the whole world, where health is part of the overall concept of man's daily living activities culture.
The "Hallo Doctor!" program will tell about diagnostics, treatment and prevention of various diseases, sharpen attention on sanative methods, healthy style of living, and will give tips on how to preserve beauty and youthfulness for many years. The program is produced as a daily health talk show broadcast live with a phone open for viewers' calls.
Obviously, there is no remedy for all the diseases, however, the mankind relentlessly seeks to find it, and there are lots of those who are eager to join the search. Therefore, the program will be interesting for the large audience, especially for the middle and older aged generation, parents and those who, regardless of their age, due to their life situation, had to focus on their own health. However, the program "Hallo Doctor!" will tell about even unhappy things in an optimistic and comprehensive way for the public at large.
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Hallo Doctor!
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