The Tonis nation-wide channel is the oldest private TV station in Ukraine. Over 23 years of its existence, Tonis has been remaining committed to the concept a cognitive channel, and in 2011, it updated its format and became socially oriented. Today, Tonis is broadcasting under the slogan "First Social TV-Station", and is the only nation-wide channel focused on covering the social topics.
Civil rights, social protection, pension reform, health, municipal services, education of children - these are the issues people are facing every day, therefore Tonis is seeking to become a useful interlocutor for its audience.
The social projects produced by Tonis channel include: a series of programs "Social Status" elaborating on the vital challenges for millions of citizens and the ways to address those, such as the issues of pension reform, communal services, civil rights etc, featuring leading experts, state officials in particular; the program "Hallo, Doctor" explaining on the up-to-date approaches in treating various diseases; "Diary for Parents" covering on issues related to child-rearing; "Be Aware" telling the viewers about events in the cultural life of the country; "Morning Espresso" helping people start their day in a positive mood, and other programs.
The audience the updated Tonis is targeting is 35 and older. These are already established personalities having their tastes developed and assuming the social responsibility before the people surrounding them: family, children, and parents. This audience aspires for quality information and positive emotions. Therefore, Tonis, instead of making its viewers follow idle talks or political quarrels in its programs, provides them with indeed important and competent information that they may use in their everyday life.
At the same time, Tonis is a positive channel seeking to give respective emotions, broadcasting good quality documentaries and feature films. It includes collections of informative documentary series on reconstruction of significant historical events and contribution of prominent personalities to the history of the mankind, documentaries on breathtaking travels and the multifacetness of the animal world, films about outstanding people of art.
Since December 2011, Tonis has been broadcasting and producing its own TV content in HD (high definition). Tonis was the first among the Ukrainian channels to start broadcasting using this format. To keep the coverage area and embrace the whole audience part of which does not have the technical ability to receive the HD video signal, Tonis also generates signal for the analog network using the SD format (standard definition).
The nation-wide TV-channel Tonis has the right to broadcast on the whole territory of Ukraine using all kinds of signal. The satellite signal is spread via Amos 2 satellite and covers the whole country. The digital broadcast signal is the DVB-T2 format and is approaching 100% coverage. The analog signal covers most territory of the country. The Tonis channel signal is present in all cable and IPTV networks.
Today, the potential audience of Tonis is over 20 million people. The broadcast operation is 24 hours.
Social Pulse
Social Status
Hallo Doctor!
Civilisation Incognita
Gossip Chronicles
Weekend, After Midnight
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